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Dots Quinceañera Limo Service Dots

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Every day millions of girls of Hispanic descent in the U.S. turn quince, or 15 years old. They celebrate this teen coming-of-age event with a festive celebration called a Quinceañera. Your Quince Girl and her court need and deserve a stylish and luxurious limousine ride to the ceremony and the after party.

With our premium Quinceañera Limo Service, we offer limo packages for up to 14 passengers in one of our stretch Cadillac Escalades. We have 3 hour packages with unlimited stops that start at $595 and also 5 hour packages with unlimited stops that start at $975. By choosing one of these packages, you will have enough time to visit all of your perfect photo locations.

If you have a need for a smaller limousine, we have plenty of other limousine options in our fleet to choose from. By selecting any one of these limos LIMO Fleet you will be sure to make a stunning impression at your Quinceañera ceremony and party.

If you need a different limo package for your Quinceañera, rest assured, we will be happy to create a tailored package for your specific needs.

We look forward to helping you make your Quinceañera a fun, safe, and memorable experience for you and all of your friends and family.

Limo For Your Quinceañera

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