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Along The Tennessee Whiskey Trail


For Middle Tennesse Natives or visitors alike, many of you may be curious about what to expect while taking a whiskey tour along the Tennessee Whiskey Trail.

Private Whiskey Trail Tours to Jack Daniel's

In this blog article, we have compiled a list of questions and answers for you.

Tennessee Whiskey Trail Tours

What Can Visitors Expect When They Visit a Tennessee Distillery?

Q: Can TN distilleries serve samples and if so, what size?
A: TN distilleries can serve up to 1/2 ounce samples per product offering. Some distilleries produce dozens or more products but they limit the total number of samples from 8 to 10.

Q: Do TN distilleries charge for distillery tours?
A: It’s up to the individual distillery.

Q: Do TN distilleries charge for samples?
A: It’s up to the distillery. Some may charge while others will give samples away for free or for free while on a distillery tour.

Q: Can TN distilleries sell bottles at the distillery?
A: Yes, they can sell up to 25 bottles per visitor per day. Technically, it’s 5 gallons per day which is the equivalent of 25 750ml bottles. They can visit as often as they like and there is no requirement to take a tour in order to purchase spirits.

Q: Can TN distilleries serve mixed drinks?
A: Yes, mixed drinks can be served as long as the spirit is made at the distillery.

Q: What is The Lincoln County Process?

A: It’s the process of filtering the distilled whiskey through charcoal before it’s barrelled.

Q: Why is it called The Lincoln County Process?
A:  Its named after the original home of the Jack Daniel’s distillery, Lincoln County. 

Q: Do distilleries have to use The Lincoln County Process?
A: Yes, a state law enacted in 2013 requires a distillery to use this process if they want their spirits to be called Tennessee Whiskeys.

While we were doing our research for you, we discovered that Visitors on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail can pick up a free passport booklet from the trail's website or pick them up at select distillery locations and collect stamps at each distillery en route. There is also a premium hard cover version available with a hard cover as well as an app for iOS and Android. Fans who collect all 25 stamps will receive a commemorative gift to mark their achievement.

We will continue to write more articles about this popular topic and bring, you, our customers more information on what unique finds we discover along the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. 

In the meantime, check out this informative video about Tennessee distilleries.

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